6 PACK - 8025 Genuine Alpine Gin 0,5 l


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6 bottles of 8025 Genuine Alpine Gin.
Alcohol content: 40% Vol.
Each bottle: 0,5 liters

225,00 €

Juniper, Mugo pine and Stone pine harvested in the heart of the Dolomites. 8025: the altitude of the Baita Sofie perched on Mount Seceda in Val Gardena.
A recipe developed over time, combining nature, passion and patience.

The 8025 gin is a redistilled. We use a wheat alcohol brought to 75% vol. where the different botanicals are macerated in two different phases of the distilling process.

The main ingredients:
- Mugo pine
- Stone pine
- Angelic roots in tiny doses (to combine and enhance other flavors)
- Asperula (delicate note of Woodruff)

Package6 bottles
Volume3 liters
Alcohol content40% Vol.


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